Hummer limousine safe return after halloween experience


We are happy to report to you all that our much treasured Hummer limousine was returned safely back to Silverline HQ unmarked after a six hour disappearance on October 31st ..  The Silverline directors and staff would like to thank all our lovely friends out there who managed to keep an eagle eye out for us and snap a pic of the guilty individual whilst he was driving our limousine around the Norfolk area but we are sorry to inform you that he was not apprehended and that he still remains at large, all snappers will be rewarded as promised with a bottle of our lovely wedding fizz .. We have published a photograph of the person accused of the crime and reports are coming to us are that he is known as Freddie and comes from a place called dreamland and that he is regularly found walking the streets of Norfolk & Suffolk on that spooky date …

Due to the safe return of our Hummer limousine we can guarantee to all our forthcoming hirers that it is business as usual in the “Silverline” world and that we are excited and really looking forward to chauffeuring all our lovely customers again on their special occasions !!!