Yesterday our Beauford wedding car was in Ipswich chauffeuring the lovely bride to the church and then the newlyweds on to their reception at Woodhall Manor … Our Beauford Bonnie attracts a lot of attention and our chauffeurs often politely answer questions about her at a wedding, so here is a brief history of the car ….

The Beauford because of it’s classic look is a very popular wedding car, They were designed by a british family company in 1985 (the Beauford Motor Company) in Upholland Lancashire who later moved to Stoke on Trent, at the front is a long bonnet with flowing wings to give the appearance of a 1930s style Grand Tourer luxury car, Our Bonnie is a four door model (longer wheel base) with a convertible soft top roof, The shell of the body is made of glass reinforced plastic, and the bonnet and closing panels are alloys, Bonnie herself is built on the Ford running gear, The Beauford’s are supplied in kit form and over 1500 kits have been sold world wide,

“The Beauford club” are an enthusiastic group who arrange automotive events & produce publications for members from where one can also find assembled cars for sale, gain knowledge and source parts ….