Hearing the news of the royal engagement of marriage between our Prince Harry & Meghan Markle thoughts amongst us will be of the eagerly awaited wedding … the ladies will be eying the ring and anticipating the dress !!! and for the car enthusiasts like us the thoughts are of what car will they use on the big day !!!

So we take a look at the Royal wedding car fleet through the eyes of educated car boffin Gavin Green of Car Magazine …..

The last Royal wedding had the star car, The 1969 Aston Martin DB6 MK2 Volante this vehicle got almost as much coverage as ‘that dress’. William and Kate, of course, drove it on their 500-yard dash from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House. Owned by Prince Charles: it was his 21st birthday present, in the days when he preferred cars to carnations. Shame his parents didn’t give him a DB5 instead – a prettier car with a more pert Pippa Middleton-like rear. A great advertisement for British engineering and style – 42 years ago.

Charles and Camilla chose the oldest car in the royal fleet for their ride to church the 1950 Rolls-Royce Phantom IV, No surprise there. It looked stately and dignified, if about as high-tech as the State Landau carriage that Kate and William used to travel back from Westminster Abbey

William and Harry used one of the two 2002 Bentley State Limousine’s on their way to church. Their grandparents used the other. (Only two were built – two too many if you ask me.) Lots of glazing gives the punters a good view of the royal personages. Alas the Bentley State Limo makes a Maybach look like a Ferrari. Hideously ugly. Why didn’t Buckingham Palace just buy a pair of new Phantoms instead?

The 1977 Rolls-Royce Phantom Vl  was the choice Kate and her dad to travel to the church. Charles and Camilla were on board when attacked by starving students. Fortunately 5000 police officers on hand managed to keep rioters at bay as the royal Roller glided seamlessly and student-free from Belgravia’s Goring Hotel to Westminster Abbey.

Whatever the transport the couple choose it is sure to attract a lot of attention … and we wish them all the best for a fabulous journey in life …