After watching and becoming fascinated by Peaky Blinders which has now become a cult TV programme we decided to commence the new year of 2018 by staging our own “PB” photo shoot tribute on New Years Day !!

We have already supplied our cars and chauffeured at two fabulous “PB” themed weddings and thought how well they complimented the style of that era …

Peaky Blinders is a gangster family epic set in Birmingham  England in 1919, just after the first world war the story centres on the Peaky Blinders gang and their ambitious and highly cunning boss Tommy Shelby and his family, Their distinctive mode of dress saw the members of this gang wearing a signature outfit of  tailored jackets, depressed lapel overcoat, button vests, silk scarfs, bell – bottom trousers , leather boots, and peaked flat caps which had razor blades stitched in them.

The history books show that the gang actually did exist but were nowhere near as powerful and glamorous as the TV series suggests, TV also suggests that the name “Peaky Blinders” came from the caps razor blade ability of blinding an enemy, this is proved to be doubtful as razor blades were only available late in the 19th century and were an expensive luxury item !!!

So we attempted on a crisp New Year Day morning to recreate the look and a scene of that day and must say we had great fun doing so … big thanks go out to photographer Jim from “Just Big Smiles” for giving his time and expertise on the photos and to the rest of our band of merry helpers and also to the passers by that enjoyed and were amused by our efforts

So if you feel like you wish to have a “PB” themed wedding let us know … but remember our cars are available for any theme of wedding ???

Happy New Year !!!