A Chauffeurs Life

I never thought that when we embarked on our Silverline journey how being a chauffeur would turn into one of the most rewarding vocations I have ever been involved with. In fact, so much so, that I have promised myself that when we move on into our retirement years (a long way off yet!) and our down time is in full swing, whilst I am sitting on a veranda in a faraway country of far warmer climates overlooking the sea (I can dream) with a small beverage in hand, that I will put pen to paper and give others the chance to read and enjoy the fantastic experiences I have encountered during these wonderful times.

A Chauffeurs Life

Obviously, a professional chauffeur holds a very important position of trust, so no names will ever be revealed, but I do hope some of our clients will recognise themselves slightly, and have a giggle with me, the book will be based on the brighter and funnier side of my travels and experiences.

I have had the good fortune to chauffeur so many lovely people, the rich, the famous, senior businesspeople, the nervous brides, the excited prom teenagers, the boisterous stag gents and the flirty hen parties, the noisy children’s birthday parties, and the loving romantic couple, and all have been fantastic in their own individual ways!

When we started Silverline I was the only chauffeur, so on inception of my newfound role I spent a lot of time researching the position and its responsibilities, ensuring I was totally aware of the do’s and don’ts, the protocol that gives you a clear understanding of the expectations and beyond.  Then, as I gained experience and grew more into the chauffeuring life it became very apparent what an important position chauffeuring really is.

The weddings play an enormous part for Silverline, winning The Wedding Industry Award for best wedding transport supplier for two consecutive years and then being invited onto the judging panel for the category gives evidence that we have reached a high level and have maintained these levels of professionalism and service.

A Chauffeurs Life
A Chauffeurs Life

The chauffeur’s responsibility at weddings begins with a check of the car on leaving base and departing in plenty of time, a final check just around the corner straightening any ribbons, bows or flowers that may have come loose, then on arrival, introducing oneself to all and on hand to assist with any pre wedding nerves that may arise from my passengers, I wait beside the car knowing exactly how long the church journey is going to take, as the bride appears I look to see she has her bouquet and that dad has shut and locked the front door before leaving the house, (the two latter are things I do with eyes and only mention if required), then we embark on the steady safe journey that has previously been mapped out and sometimes rehearsed, the arrival time has to be perfect, so the wedding guests are already seated, and the photographer has the lens at the ready for the cars grand arrival.

Once the bride is inside, its time to carry out checks on the car, cleaning off any splashes or marks, that may have been encountered during the journey, the inside carpet is brushed, the rugs shaken and the petals are replenished and sprinkled out again, the bubbly is taken from the chill bag and placed into the champagne bucket ready to open and pour into the champagne flutes with the appropriate titles on each glass for the newlyweds.

As the bells chime, I am at the door of the car, umbrella in hand if the weather requires, waiting for my lovely couple to appear, I pour their chilled drinks and ensure they are comfortable then away we go on their first marital romantic journey, we take our time so the newlyweds can enjoy this special journey as well as each other’s company, as when our klaxon blows announcing our arrival at the wedding breakfast and reception venue they are engulfed in the celebration with their relations and friends, my final duty is to inspect the car for any property left behind before driving off with more klaxon hoots, smiles, cheers and waves.

This is a very small glimpse of how a wedding car chauffeurs duties roll, however, in my book – my future memoirs, I will enlighten you further and go into so much more detail about all parts of my fantastic “Silverline” life.

Kevin Kitteridge    

Owner and chauffeur of Silverline Limousines & Wedding Cars.

Wedding Award Holders

We have carefully chosen our wedding car fleet to be able to accommodate couples with all styles and tastes and we have handpicked our incredible team of attentive chauffeurs.

Having been voted best wedding transport supplier in the UK 2018 & 2019 and being elected to the judging panel for 2020 we feel these credentials show our love and passion for our vocation and the attention to detail for every wedding we undertake. We strive to retain the level we have achieved and believe to maintain this by knowing we are only as good as our last wedding.

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