Proms Revisited

One of the huge loses for school leavers in 2020 was the cancelation of school proms, the end of year prom has become common at UK schools since the 2000s due to the influence of US TV shows.

85% of schools in Britain hold school proms as popularity has increased and replaced the former end of year disco, these proms can range from no-frills dinners in school halls to tailor-made extravaganzas in five-star hotels.

Proms Revisited

For a young lady there is the glam, the dress, the hair, the nails, and makeup, for the gents there is mainly the suit and of course the wheels!!!
Losing 2020 proms was awful to all concerned and sadly dates were never replaced, this year there was the Prime Ministers extension to lockdown rules which devastated the perspective attendees as most of the previous mentioned prom necessities were already in place.

At the extension inception some prom organisers were quick on the trigger and hastily arranged new dates ranging over the summer months, sadly some schools conceded defeat for a second year and decided against rebooking the prom.

With the proms comes the magnificent arrival in all marques of transport, the most popular being the stretch limousine. Our Hummer limousine is without doubt the most popular prom vehicle available in Norfolk and Suffolk for young ladies and particularly the young gentlemen.

Our typical Hummer prom booking would be for the limousine to arrive at the pre-prom party (a parent’s house or public scenic area) and photographs with the limousine commence, there is no hurry as we will only entertain one prom booking per vehicle per evening. Once everyone has sufficient snaps the prom goers board the limousine and connect their phone to the music system to play their chosen genre of music through the beefy speakers. A glass of non-alcoholic bubbly is poured by the chauffeur and then the large Hummer wheels begin to roll.

This journey is very special for the youngsters, and we have a drive around before joining the procession into the venue, ideally joining towards the rear of the procession to enable our hirers maximum arrival exposure. Our chauffeur opens the door, and our excited passengers disembark to cheers and camera flashes.

Proms Revisited

For team Silverline, we have everything in place for our return, we have decorated and prepared our premises for viewings, and once the wheels are rolling, all precautions will be in place to provide our couples and their guests with the safest and most enjoyable journey available.

Proms Revisited

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