As we move steadily through our busy year we are now starting to get booked up for the fabulous school prom season !!

As venues and transport are limited for this fabulous occasion schools are realising the need to announce dates early, some of our vehicles have been booked since before Christmas

The prom short for promenade, “the formal, introductory parading of guests at a party,” began in the late 1800’s at colleges & universities in the North East of America to promote social etiquette and manners in each years graduation class

By the 1930s the prom had become as American as baseball and apple pie, and they were being held coast-to-coast, swapping the light refreshments dancing under crepe paper steamers of yore for full blown dinners with local bands providing the music and entertainment – and in the 50s the high school gymnasiums were being swopped for more elaborate venues such as country clubs and hotels

The grandest ever prom venue was procured by Susan Ford the daughter of President Gerald Ford in 1975 when she hosted her senior prom with the kind permission of the President and First Lady  for the Susan Holton-Arms School at the East Room in the White House !!

Now with the great success of such films “Pretty in pink” and Grease” the prom night has become a major event across the UK for not only for the senior school leavers but Primary school leavers as well

For us the evening begins by arriving at the Pre-Prom-Party house and our vehicle is used as the all important prop for all the photographs the hirer and party wish to take

We then make our way steadily to the venue via a drive around if the time allows, we do always allow time for the parents to pass us and arrive at the venue before us so the can see their children disembark from the car

So if you require a prom car this year please call us and book as we are getting limited on availability